Monday, March 15, 2010

Obama The Drunken Sailor

Obama spends money like a drunken sailor.  Actually, scratch that.  At least drunken sailors are spending their own money.  As we all know, the gubment can't spend any money they don't steal first.

Karl Rove, writing in the Wall Street Journal, compares the spending of two drunken sailors:

Debt increase under Bush in 8 years:  $3 trillion

Debt increase under Obama in 1 year:  $3.3 trillion

So, I guess that means we were slightly better off having a teetotaler in the Oval Office.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Dollars Aren't Accepted in Hades...

So don't try to pay the Ferryman with Federal Reserve Notes.

I just saw a new movie that opened today called Percy Jackson & the Olympians.  It's a modern tale based on some elements of Greek Mythology.  Overall, it was a pretty decent movie.  But I thought one little tidbit might be of interest to lovers of liberty. During the course of the story, our young hero has to visit Hades, and if you know your mythology, you know that the entrance is guarded by Charon, the Ferryman.  Our hero and his companions are told by Charon that Hades is not for the living, and to "come back when you're dead."   The hero's sidekick then offers to pay the Ferryman and he pulls out some Federal Reserve Notes and rattles off the names of the presidents. "How about a couple Benjamins and Grants?"   When he places the bills in the Ferryman's hand, they burst into flames and the ashes are blown away.  The hero then pulls out some gold Drachmas which are accepted and they are ferried across the River Acheron which divides the world of the living and the dead.

This movie is targeted toward a young audience who will hopefully remember the difference between real money and paper play money.  I wonder if the banksters will learn in time?  Then again...maybe they deserve to wander the shores for a hundred years---the penalty for not being able to pay the fare.  

In any case, it's nice to see the lack of regard for paper money go mainstream! 


Friday, January 29, 2010

Great Murray Rothbard Quote

This post is so awesome, I had to copy it. Thanks Old Rebel!

Featured on the Proceeding Boldly Blog:
...we must always remember, we must never forget, we must put in the dock and hang higher than Haman, those who, in modern times, opened the Pandora’s Box of genocide and the extermination of civilians: Sherman, Grant, and Lincoln.
Perhaps, some day, their statues, like Lenin’s in Russia, will be toppled and melted down; their insignias and battle flags will be desecrated, their war songs tossed into the fire. And then Davis and Lee and Jackson and Forrest, and all the heroes of the South, "Dixie" and the Stars and Bars, will once again be truly honored and remembered. The classic comment on that meretricious TV series The Civil War was made by that marvelous and feisty Southern writer Florence King. Asked her views on the series, she replied: "I didn’t have time to watch The Civil War. I’m too busy getting ready for the next one." In that spirit, I am sure that one day, aided and abetted by Northerners like myself in the glorious "copperhead" tradition, the South shall rise again.
 I'll happily serve up the mint juleps when that day comes. Deo Vindici.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SOTU Distilled by Beaker

For those of you who didn't catch the State of the Union, and who lack the time and/or inclination to catch it on it is, brilliantly distilled by Beaker.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Giving Thanks

While I was busy giving people a (still necessary) "Scott Brown Reality Check," the brilliant folks over at Creative Minority Report were reminding all of us pro-lifers what is really important.

As we approached the birthday of Our Lord, pro-lifers in the U.S. reluctantly realized that this momentous battle in the war on life was likely lost. The opposition had overwhelming superiority in numbers and a steely determination to institute a universal health-care regime that funds abortion. We, along with many other concerned citizens of various stripes, protested, marched, attended townhalls, lobbied, and prayed, seemingly to no avail. The Senate had passed, in complicity with ostensibly pro-life Senators, its version of the bill with its thinly disguised abortion on demand funding.
The passage of the Senate bill signaled what seemed to many, the end of the fight. Democrats huddled to hammer out any compromises necessary to achieve final passage of the bill. We watched in dismay as every day inched closer to the compromise that would seal the deal and put the bill on the desk of the President in time for the State of the Union. We had lost, there was nothing more we could do, but pray.
But God had other plans.
In a way that seemed almost impossible, the entire battle has turned. I need not go into detail here, you all know the story. We understand that the war on life is far from over, but today, at least for a while, by the grace of God, we have avoided institutionalized and tax-payer funded abortion. There will be other battles and perhaps they will be very soon, but it is incumbent upon all of us to acknowledge the great miracle that we have witnessed and to thank God for delivering us from this evil.
So what I propose is that we Catholic, Christian, and pro-life bloggers everywhere give thanks to God by way publishing the Non Nobis in gratitude for this wondrous day.

Non nobis, non nobis, Domine
Sed nomini tuo da gloriam.

Not to us, not to us, o Lord,
But to your name give glory.
I ask that any blogger interested in showing their gratitude for this victory, print the Non Nobis. I will also encourage you to also link or show your favorite version of the Non nobis. Mine is the scene from Henry V after the battle of Agincourt. 
Thank you Patrick Archbold.  Truly, there will be other battles, but for now we can be thankful that we have avoided the horror of institutionalized tax payer funded abortion.  I am hopeful that Scott Brown will complete his journey over to our side.  Until then, I am happy to join the Non Nobis Network and I'm using your video, since it is my favorite as well.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Scott Brown Reality Check

Now that the dust has settled on the Scott Brown win in Mass, it's time  for a little reality check.  Thankfully, The Southern Avenger, in his unique style, has provided us with one.

While it's fun seeing the lefties lose big, let's keep something in mind:  Scott Brown is not a conservative.  He's slightly less left wing than his opponent which in Taxachusetts makes him a Republican. Everywhere else it makes him a RINO.  Let's not forget, he's also pro-abortion.

We can be grateful that he may help drive a stake through Obamacare, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.  He campaigned on a promise to kill this bill, he never said he was against a healthcare bill in principle.  After all, he voted for RomneyCare. 


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown Wins in Mass

Looks like my man, Pat Buchanan called it correctly on Sunday:  "Brown wins, the Revolution is on."

The Other McCain is live blogging from Scott Brown HQ and is reporting that he not only won, but the crowd is chanting "Kerry is Next"...that should make Kerry and Pelosi both pop their Botox.

My thoughts on Brown:

I was initially ticked to see conservatives back a pro-abortion RINO...but pro-lifers backed him because of his support for the conscience clause and his opposition to Obamacare, so I eased up.  In any case, it's just too much fun enjoying the psychological body slam the Obots just received.  Of course, we can expect the MSM to try and spin this, but there is no question that this is an epic blow to the Obama regime.  Particularly since Brown ran against the healthcare bill--the centerpiece of Obama's domestic agenda. Massachusetts is bluest of blue states...losing the Kennedy seat had to hurt bad...and it is going to leave a mark.  That said, I don't want to see him turned into the next great GOP hope.  Let's hope he stays Independent and that he repudiates his pro-abortion stance.

PS...It appears that Martha has hired Al Franken's know, the one that kept finding ballots in cars after the far Brown has a 100,000 vote lead, let's hope he keeps it through subsequent recounts.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

The McLaughlin Group on Ron Paul

Via Paul's Letter to the Americans

McLaughlin: "...Paul's exhortations to reign in debt are now GOP talking points.  Paul is also credited with spurring America's newest political movement:  Tea Parties!"

This short clip is worth this Pat Buchanan prediction at the end on the election in Taxachusetts:  "Brown wins, the revolution is on."


Friday, January 8, 2010

The Other McCain is Blue!

Why you ask? 'Bama just won the BCS Championship, why would he be blue?  Well...he's blue because I just Avatarized him!

Couldn't resist having a little FMJRA fun with this link, knowing how much he hates the movie.

Texas fans can thank me by hitting the tip jar. ;)